The Irish Reef Exhibition

The Irish Reef exhibition is now open to the public at The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew Street, Dublin 2. The exhibition is open on weekdays from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.

You are also welcome to just dive into The Greenhouse with your yarn and crochet hook for a crochet-in any time during opening hours.

We encourage you to contribute to the exhibition with some more colourful hyperbolic crochet. We have left a basket at The Greenhouse, where you can leave your contributions which we will then incorporate into the exhibition. Please ensure to label your contribution with your name in order for us to add it to the list of contributors which is on display at the exhibition.

We hope you enjoy the colourful exhibition!

Special thanks to ECO-UNESCO for making the space available for the exhibition.

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Exhibiting in Dublin

The wonderful reefer, Moira, have secured the brilliant and very appropriate venue for an outing for The Irish Reef in The Greenhouse / Cultivate /ECOUNESCO on 17 St Andrew Street in Dublin 2. The exhibition will open later this week and run until late September.
We look forward to sharing it with you!

The Irish Reef Poster – The Greenhouse – Dublin

We will have workshops where Marine Ecology, Hyperbolic Geometry will be discussed and not least Crochet will happen. Dates and times to follow.

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Not Going To Cork Yet

Sadly, we have to announce that The Irish Reef exhibition in Farranferris College, Cork has been cancelled. Greenworks, the company who were to host The Irish Reef, pulled out only yesterday. This is such a missed opportunity for us and them, what with the Environ Conference being on in Cork from April 6th.

This cancellation is through no fault of our own. The short notice is a shame as it means we have no way of finding an alternative venue to cover the Environ Conference and we are just sad.

If you know of other suitable venues for an outing of The Irish Reef in Cork (we really think Cork is important as there are a lot of contributions from there), please go ask if they would like to show off our woolly wonder and let us know here.

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Going To Cork

The Irish Reef is to visit Cork in connection with the Environ Conference in UCC this April. We hope you will come along to view this woolly wonder. You might even like to add a piece of Hyperbolic Crochet to it!

Further details to follow.

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Another Outing For The Irish Reef

The Irish Rees will be on the move again this spring. It’s finally going away from the East coast for a visit to the South. It’s going to Cork at Farranferris College and Green Works and the opening is to coincide with the Environ 2011 conference in UCC and it will run for no less than 3 months with the usual workshops on Hyperbolic Geometry, Marine Ecology and not least Hyperbolic Crochet.

We will be looking for help from local crochet contributors, but more about that at a later stage.

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Looking For A New Home

The Irish Reef is currently in storage and ready for it’s next outing although we really are looking for a permanent home for our woolly wonder.

The Irish Community Reef in Courthouse Art Centre, Tinahely

Please let us know if you are interested in exhibiting The Irish Reef or have a suitable space for permanent display of this woolly wonder. The Reef comes with educational material on the environmental, geometry and hyperbolic crochet. It also comes with the possibility of workshops in Marine Ecology, Geometry and not least Hyperbolic Crochet as well as great inspiration for crafters and much colourful beauty for everyone.

Contact us here: irishcrochetcoralreef[at]

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The Final Week In Tinahely

We are now in the final week of showing The Irish Reef in Tinahely and last Friday we had a bunch of children from Tinahely National School visiting The Reef, it was a spooky affair as they were all dressed in their scary Halloween costumes.

Scary Pupils From Tinahely National School

The children loved the exhibition and specifically wanted to know what movies the video kelp had been made from. Loved that bit!

On Saturday we had the last workshop with talks on hyperbolic geometry, marine ecology and not least hyperbolic crochet. It was a great day and much merriment was had!

Happy Hyperbolic Crocheters

If you have not yet seen The Reef in Tinahely, Thursday is your last chance as we start un-reefing on Friday. Full details here!

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